Modelling: As an accessible endless runner, Swim Up required extensive optimizations so it can run on low-end mobile hardware. In addition to 4 pick-up props, I created 11 unique chunk models (each with a dedicated night/self-illuminated version), as well as modeled and animated 33 distinct fish models.

Textures: In line with the model-level optimizations, textures were packed into atlases – there is one for chunks, and two for fish textures.

Pipeline: Levels are generated in-engine. I imported the models, created materials and prefabs, as well as set up collision boxes. I designed the scene lighting (with color shifts depending on the loaded chunk). I configured the post processing package (Color Grading). I created particle effects that corresponded to each chunk theme. In the end, I created a 3-color gradient shader that fades background color based on the loaded chunk.