It’s Done!

It’s Done! was a product design of a task management with a focus on accessibility – its flow was particularly tuned for a demographic with cognitive disabilities or memory issues.

About the project

The app was designed around clear step-by-step flows and used an abundance of visual and aural cues to aid the user in remembering past actions. While the original design carried all the hallmarks of skeuomorphic design language, the app later got a complete visual overhaul for its Android release. In addition to using a flat yet colorful aesthetic, the app got numerous quality-of-life features such as the landscape mode, tablet screen optimizations, task photo support, etc.


Competitive analysis, User Research & Journey, Wireframes, High-Fidelity Mockup, Graphic Design, Front-end, Visual Design

Tools & Methodology

XML / Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator