Digital Athlete ID

Digital Athlete ID is a blockchain-based data marketplace intended to connect athletes with interested parties – such as sports professionals or media outlets. The system would make it possible to feed the health and fitness data coming off of smart devices into a central repository, where athletes would be able to earn cryptocurrency by selling their data to the highest bidders.

About the project

The problem: Media and sports professionals do not have easy access to athletes’ health and fitness information – data that could prove vital for their performance. At the same time, the athletes do not have an incentive to share this data with anyone outside the immediate circle of cooperation.

The goal: The goal is to create a data marketplace where athletes can turn a profit selling their health and fitness data to interested parties.

Key challenges: Reaching out to potential participants proved difficult, but doing some research on LinkedIn proved useful.

Conclusions / Takeaways: Using clear signposting and reducing the number of options available at any point in the flow is instrumental to preventing confusion.



My responsibilities included user research, wireframing, prototyping, high-fidelity mockup production, and graphic design.

My role: Lead UX designer, UI designer and UX researcher. 

Tools & Methodology

Target audience: Media and sports industry experts, international, all genders, age 25-65, all socioeconomic backgrounds

Research study details and results: I conducted an unmoderated usability study with 5 participants from the target audience to determine if there would be any issues with completing the flow. The results pointed out that users were likely to get lost at several key points, most often on account of the number of options they were presented with.