In this exercise of visual and game design, I modelled, textured and assembled levels for a unique, hex-based platformer.

About the project

Modelling: To make Hexagone run on older mobiles and tablets, it was required to keep the poly count at a minimum while staying in line with the visual identity. Maps were constructed using 4 base hexagon models and 21 mechanism models. Levels were populated using 40 generic and 28 world-specific props.

Textures: I laid out the UVs into 4 world-based atlases to minimize the number of draw calls. Albedo and normal maps were created in Photoshop.

Pipeline: I created the level layouts in-engine. I imported the models, created materials and prefabs, as well as set up collision boxes. I designed the scene lighting and configured the post processing packages (ACES Color Grading).


3D Modelling, Texturing, Level Assembly, Lighting, Post-processing

Tools & Methodology

3D Studio Max, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Unity