Terms & Conditions

Here are the general terms I abide to in my work – and the ones that govern this website.

Can I use your artwork in my project, for my social media, or in any derivative work?

Sorry, no can do. All artwork showcased on this side is either the sole property of Nikola Jankovic, or the companies and individuals who commissioned the creation of artwork.


Can I purchase any of the artwork displayed on this site?

The content of this website was either done on commission or as showcase portfolio pieces, so I can’t sell it to you. If you want to have some design work done for you, get in touch with me and we’ll talk it over.


Would you work on a project in exchange for a percent of the profits?

I do not do spec work or accept stake-holding deals. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to making an arrangement, but I found it works out best for everyone involved if we make the conditions clear before I start my work.


Why does this site use cookies?

This site uses cookies to store a small amount of anonymized information about your visit. No private or sensitive data is stored, used or shared with third parties. You can disable or block the cookies, although some site functionality may become limited as a result.