NimmieAmee is a website where marketing and gaming industry professionals can get writing and editing services from an expert writer.

About the project

The problem: Marketing and gaming industry experts don’t have a convenient way of hiring content writers while having proof of the quality of writing.

The goal: The goal is to create a website that will make it easy to experience the writing quality level before proceeding to hire the writer.

Key challenges: Reaching out to potential participants proved difficult, but doing some research on LinkedIn proved useful.

Conclusions / Takeaways: Placing the calls to action more frequently, as well as reinforcing the user’s current position in the flow, provided vital for reducing the margin of error and preventing confusion.



My responsibilities included user research, wireframing, prototyping, high-fidelity mockup production, and graphic design.

My role: Lead UX designer, UI designer and UX researcher. 

Tools & Methodology

Target audience: Marketing and gaming industry experts, international, all genders, age 25-65, all socioeconomic backgrounds

Research study details and results: I conducted an unmoderated usability study with 5 participants from the target audience to determine if there would be any issues with completing the flow. The results pointed out issues with the service type selection and visibility of calls to action.